• How To Add Videos To Your LinkedIn Profile (Including Company Pages)

    LinkedIn – a career-oriented form of today’s growing social media arsenal – is an invaluable way to form professional connections online. Profiles are constructed with more formality than, say a Facebook page, and a company or individual’s profile conveys important information on a professional basis about the type of business they generate and the kinds […]

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  • How To Create A Video Series – Free Primer Course

        You asked, we listened. The team at Soul Arch Media understand getting your head around filming concepts and planning can be tricky for newcomers to video, especially those with ambitions to film multiple videos to promote their brand or services. To assist with getting your projects underway, over on Teachable we’ve just launched […]

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  • Introducing Video 101: Soul Arch Media’s Resource Library

    We’re always on the lookout for ways to help our clients & email buddies with all things video related, and have been putting together helpful blog posts and videos and templates for some time now. So if you’ve got any goals or questions about planning or promoting videos, we’ve got great news for you! We’ve […]

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  • 4 Simple Steps To Storyboard Your Next Video

    Not every video production needs a storyboard, but having a plan laid out for video scenes can be especially helpful for the visual storytellers among us. Here’s how to storyboard your next company video in four simple steps. So what is a storyboard? A storyboard is basically a grid plan laid out a little like […]

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  • How To Create Videos That Align With Every Stage of the Customer Sales Journey

    A successful sales process hinges on two things: establishing credibility and building trust. Once these are in place sales should follow, but you need to be in sync with your client through the various stages of the buying cycle, from initial awareness through to post-sale. This is where video can be invaluable – you need […]

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  • 5 Video Marketing Trends Your Company Needs To Know About In 2017

    As video marketing evolves, several emerging trends are starting to gain traction – and should be swiftly adopted by any company looking to promote themselves online. Dominant Video Marketing Trends 2017 1. Videos Designed to Play Without Sound Thanks to mobile, 85% of videos on Facebook are played without sound, which means a big emphasis […]

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  • 6 Types of Video You Should Be Adding To Your Content Marketing

    When it comes to types of videos best suited to content marketing, there’s six that most companies can implement that can be powerfully effective. 6 Types Of Video To Boost Your Content Marketing 1. How-To Videos The internet is awash with viral videos for every niche – from ways to cook the perfect quiche through […]

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  • Griffith Institute For Tourism Launches Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard

    Tourism is often associated with the impacts it brings to local communities and destinations. Recognising the importance and need to measure beyond economic indicators, the Griffith Institute for Tourism along with Institute for Tourism Research of the University of Surrey has worked tirelessly over the last year to compile global data on key economic, social […]

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  • How To Write A Video Marketing Plan [With Template]

    You can use video to spearhead nearly any marketing, branding or training exercise your company undertakes, but to be successful you’ll need a road map to reach your goals and keep your team on track – that’s where a video marketing plan becomes essential. When you’re producing a series of videos, the key element is […]

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  • How To Write A Video Script

    If you’ve ever sat down to write a video script but didn’t know where to start, this short video runs you through all the elements to include for a winning promotional video script! This video was filmed and edited by Soul Arch Media’s Gold Coast Video Production team. Need video? Call Soul Arch Media today […]

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