• Looking for Gold Coast real estate? View a video tour.

    Looking for property on the Gold Coast? Spending all your spare time inspecting houses that aren’t suited to your needs? Then let video do the hard work for you – you can ‘tour’ hundreds of prospective properties without leaving the comfort of your own home. These days nearly every major real estate website is starting […]

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  • Adding online video to interactive real estate and travel industry maps

    I was reading an online post today about how a company called Maps Alive are taking the interactive map thing a step further than google maps (which is also an amazing product, don’t get me wrong!) by allowing users to attach video to any map, floor plan, or diagram, with a video player popping up when users hover their cursor over certain […]

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  • Are you up-to-speed with the next generation of marketing techniques and web 2.0?

    There’s a common saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. While this may be true for canines, it’s never too late for any human to adopt new practices or discover fresh innovations – no matter what age. Since companies are only clusters of humans (well, usually) it stands to reason they can […]

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  • Making a Gold Coast cause an international story with online video

    As part of Soul Arch Media & Marketing’s ongoing commitment to our local Gold Coast community (and not-for-profits from any region) we’ll be donating one marketing project per month to a worthy cause. It may be an online video production or a DVD project or a series of PR news releases, it all depends on the organisation’s […]

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  • Soul Arch Media at Boost Surf Sho Webcast

    Just a note that if you happen to be online this weekend and are twiddling your thumbs, get over to Soul Arch Media & Marketing’s own Dave Emge is filming surf video for the live webcast of an international aerial surf competition for Boost Mobile & Globe. With ASP world tour surfers like Mick […]

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  • Soul Arch Media and Marketing Officially Launches

    Well it’s only part way through April but it has been a busy month here already at Soul Arch Media and Marketing. Although we have been online for several months now, we’ve only just started our online marketing push to really “launch” the site. It’s all very exciting watching campaigns detonate across the web. There’s […]

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  • 3 Low-to-No Budget Ways To Boost Website Traffic for Small Businesses

    So you’re a small start-up with low cash flow and you’re not sure how you can raise your online profile without launching a massive online campaign? Not all traffic boosting techniques require superhuman SEO skills or need to break the budget. But if you decide to go the low budget way you do require plenty […]

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  • Unveiling the Monster Baby Video

    How user-friendly is your website? When potential clients stumble across it, can they tell straight away what you do and what you’re about? It’s always hard to convey a company’s core message without writing half a novel. And even if you do follow the expert’s advice and keep your text short and sweet, and despite what your designer might say, there IS such […]

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  • More on web video news..

    I’m not usually one to harp on and on about a subject ( OK, maybe if I’ve had too many glasses of wine..) but despite having just posted on how web video seems flavour of the moment, I just read a great post by Jeff Beringer over at the Next Fifty Years blog. His entry, titled “Placing bets […]

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  • Where Google Goes, Trends Follow?

    Google’s $3.1 billion dollar acquisition of advertising giant DoubleClick looks set to be approved by the EU any day now, despite news headlines to the contrary. But what will this merger mean for everyday small-to-medium business owners? Expect online advertising to gain even greater credibility and popularity as Google lends it’s considerable brand clout to […]

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