• Video Content for Mobile Apps: Exhale Yoga

    Soul Arch Media recently filmed video content for an exciting new app from EXHALE Yoga. Claiming to be so much more than a regular mobile yoga app, the Exhale Yoga app offers a “holistic experience that brings mind, body and soul back into union and allows you to blossom from within.” This app achieves this […]

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  • Google TV and T-Boxes Set to Change Viewing Habits

    Couch potatoes rejoice! Loads of new products have hit the shelves recently that are set to revolutionize the way we watch television by integrating the internet. In Australia in recent months, a flurry of  great new set-top gadgets that allow us to watch online video on our regular TV set have been launched, including T-Box, […]

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  • Adding online video to interactive real estate and travel industry maps

    I was reading an online post today about how a company called Maps Alive are taking the interactive map thing a step further than google maps (which is also an amazing product, don’t get me wrong!) by allowing users to attach video to any map, floor plan, or diagram, with a video player popping up when users hover their cursor over certain […]

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  • Unveiling the Monster Baby Video

    How user-friendly is your website? When potential clients stumble across it, can they tell straight away what you do and what you’re about? It’s always hard to convey a company’s core message without writing half a novel. And even if you do follow the expert’s advice and keep your text short and sweet, and despite what your designer might say, there IS such […]

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  • Where Google Goes, Trends Follow?

    Google’s $3.1 billion dollar acquisition of advertising giant DoubleClick looks set to be approved by the EU any day now, despite news headlines to the contrary. But what will this merger mean for everyday small-to-medium business owners? Expect online advertising to gain even greater credibility and popularity as Google lends it’s considerable brand clout to […]

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