What are your own green policies?

Thought you’d never ask. We’re by no means perfect, but we do strive to run things leaving the barest footprint possible. Apart from directing fund towards carbon offsets via our alternative discount scheme, we
run a home office so don’t commute (although we do have to travel to film or meet clients). We are registered for green electricity and use power saving devices wherever possible. We recycle. But our biggest contribution is converting customers into harnessing internet marketing. We see online marketing activities as a great alternative to traditional mass marketing approaches like pamphlet drops, newspaper ads or glossy brochure and catalogue printing. While video adverts, email newsletters and the like won’t eliminate these practices all together, it can certainly drastically reduce the need for printed material destined for landfill.

We’ve limited our own printing to the bare minimum, and only supply marketing materials to qualified leads or customers actively requesting printed information about our services. We’re also looking into sourcing any printing that we do to a local printer using recycled stock with vegetable-based inks. These are just small steps, but you’re actually helping us reduce our printing further still by utilizing information on our website instead of requesting a printed catalogue, so good for you!

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