I see you mention clients can opt to get product discounts as carbon credits instead of cash? How does that work?

We see this as a way forward that fits with our company’s ethics. A 10% discount may represent such a small amount of money that many companies mightn’t even notice it if it was refunded into their account- a tiny drop in the ocean, just small change. But as many companies these days are striving to reduce their environmental impact, a carbon offset certificate for the same monetary amount may be more appreciated. We can supply certificates in your company name from our green power supplier, Origin, or any number of carbon offsetting agencies (feel free to email us for a list).

We also love to support the charitable work of Oxfam, so also will happily supply your applicable 10% discount as a certificate for, say, a mosquito net for a malaria infested region or a well for a drought-stricken country. Or of course you could just receive your 10% discount the old fashioned way – as money off your bill! We just though we’d offer options outside the norm to help our clients make a difference with
no out-of-pocket expense. You get a job well done AND a gift that keeps on giving. Plus if lots of our clients choose these options, imagine the extra money going to these charities!

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