5 Tips For Presenting On Camera So Simple A Kid Could Do It!

Tips for presenting on camera

5 Tips For Presenting On Camera So Simple A Kid Could Do It!

Know Your Script (Or Throw It Away!)

It’s easy to spot when someone’s trying to recite a pre written script. It just doesn’t sound like the natural flow of conversation, and looses impact and credibility. So unless you’re good at memorising lines and can keep talking with minimal prompting, consider script alternatives. Use bullet points or notes between takes to keep yourself on track, or get someone to ask you questions off screen instead – these can always be edited out later.
If you are using a script, break it up into shorter lines that you can deliver more easily.
And even if you’re not writing the script yourself, be sure to review the script beforehand – it needs to use a style of language that’s natural for you or you’ll have trouble delivering it.

Don’t Dress Simply To Impress – Dress For Comfort

Sure, wear nice clothes, but don’t over-dress for the part. You’re much more likely to look awesome on camera if you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing. That said, it’s often recommended to avoid stripes, neon colours or trippy patterns that may play optical illusions on viewers. The colours white, red or too much black are worth avoiding too – red can bleed, white can cause too much ‘glow’ and black can get lost. But no matter what colour, go comfy!

It’s All About Angles

Are you planning on standing up, or sitting down? Will you look directly at the camera, or off screen? Have a chat with your camera person beforehand to see what they’d recommend, but at the end of the day it comes down to what you’d be most comfortable with – so put a little thought into it! Practice in the mirror a variety of approaches if you’re not sure.

Get Confident

If you’re feeling confident it shows, so do whatever it takes to boost your confidence.
Some people like to do vocal exercises or tongue twisters before filming, but do whatever calms you down while also making you feel ‘pumped up’. This could be yoga, breathing exercises, listening to a favourite tune – anything that works for getting you in the ‘zone’. Try smiling – a warm smile does wonders for coming across as sincere and confident. And if the thought of being on camera is still making you feel self conscious, remember when people are watching your video what you look or sound like isn’t the drawcard – it’s the information you’re sharing. Focus on the value of what you’re saying and others will, too.


And biggest piece of advice? Simply remembering to breathe. It sounds nuts, but most first-timers are so busy trying to remember lines that they try spill their whole script in one breath. Take gaps between sentences, and no matter how slow you think you’re going, take a breath and slow it down even further. Really. Now exhale, then watch our video below.

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Five Tips For Presenting On Camera Like A Pro - and make hosting your videos so simple even a child could do it.

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