Creative Network Gold Coast LinkedIn Group launches for all you arty types!

Creative Network Gold Coast LinkedIn Group launches for all you arty types!

Soul Arch Media have created a LinkedIn group called Creative Network Gold Coast so that like-minded creative industry workers in the area have an outlet to share ideas, find collaborators, post news and just connect with other people in the area who have a lot in common.

The idea to set up came about as basically we get slammed with job applications from freelancers in related fields – photographers, copywriters, graphic designers and the like. A lot of these people are really insanely talented, but are floundering while trying to set up business, are new to the area, or simply don’t know what resources are around. We thought if we created somewhere online where people can connect with businesses that ‘overlap’ or work well together, it may be helpful for all involved. While all types of businesses large or small can benefit from networking and meeting other businesses with synergy, this seems especially true for creative industries – for example web designers need photographers to take photos for their sites, copywriters to write text etc so connecting them together seemed to make sense!

Plus there’s the support that networking brings. Many photographers and designers operate as a one man band working from home, without an office support network around to bounce ideas off.  So hopefully our little LinkedIn group can become a place where ideas are shared and collaborations start!

We’ve already work with a few of the photographers who have joined us on projects where the client required still images along with video, and intend to offer photo-video packages on our site. We’ve also passed some web design work onto group members too, and will be sure to pass on leads to others if they come our way. Our little band of Freelance cameramen and videographers just got bigger!

Work in a creative industry yourself?

Join the Creative Network Gold Coast LinkedIn Group too.

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