Video Content for Mobile Apps: Exhale Yoga

Video Content for Mobile Apps: Exhale Yoga

Soul Arch Media recently filmed video content for an exciting new app from EXHALE Yoga.

Claiming to be so much more than a regular mobile yoga app, the Exhale Yoga app offers a “holistic experience that brings mind, body and soul back into union and allows you to blossom from within.”

This app achieves this by equiping you with wonderful tools, ideas and inspiration to help you relax and stretch your body through yoga, soothe and still your mind with meditations, and uplift and awaken your soul with positive affirmations and inspirational wisdom.

There’s certainly lots of great content on this app making it awesome value: Soul Arch Media’s Gold Coast video production team filmed and edited 5 separate 25 minute yoga sessions for inclusion in this app, plus there’s hours of meditation practices and more included, all for just $1.99 from ITunes.

To purchase or find out more about the Exhale Yoga App, visit the Exhale Yoga website.

Need video content filmed for your next mobile app project? Call Soul Arch Media on 07 55595551

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