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Not for profit video production

Not-for-Profit Video Production

We’re often asked where the name Soul Arch Media sprang from. A ‘soul arch’ is a stylish retro surfing maneuver that takes grace and skill, yet looks effortless. We were drawn to the name as surfers ourselves, but also because the word ‘soul’ resonated with us and brought to mind so many other connotations.  Soul music, soul food, or just having heart and spirit – it just seemed the polar opposite of making up a slick corporate name that tried to sound like something we’re not.  We are just a small group of people passionate about helping others.
While Soul Arch Media operates as a commercial video production agency, we are also proud to collaborate with a range of not-for-profits in helping to make a difference through video and digital media. We offer generous discounts to not-for-profits, and regularly offer our services to urgent local causes.

We’re proud of our association with many fine not-for-profit and community organisations as we believe films can be a powerful form of storytelling that can highlight issues to create positive change. Just as it is now and essential in the corporate world, video can be excellent tools for non-profits to help with fund-raising, public outreach and raising awareness — contact us if you’d to find out more.