Time Lapse And Hyperlapse Video Production Services

Capturing Professional Timelapse and Hyperlapse Content



Add a cinematic touch to any video production with time lapse or hyper lapse photography.


+ Elicits greater attention than a static video

+ Visually conveys a change of time and light

+  Shot in 6K or above, resulting in higher dynamic range than standard video. Each frame/still is individually colour corrected for far superior image quality

+ Creates dramatic, colourful, and exciting video experiences


From the mesmerising movement of clouds and stars, to the hustle and bustle of a city in motion, hyperlapse and timelapse can capture the beauty of the world’s constant flux and flow. Although able to be used in most productions, timelapse or hyperlapse project commissions are commonly incorporated into:


+ Documentary or feature films to create transitions between scenes, establish mood, or to emphasise a passing of time

+ Tourism promotional videos or social media content to showcase scenic destinations or activities from a new perspective to create a fresh and unique visual experience.

+ Music videos to evoke an emotive creative element to storylines or transitions

+ Event or festival videography to capture crowds or event set ups and packdowns

+ Construction and demolition documentation



Time flies – that’s why timelapse and hyperlapse content soars


The art of timelapse involves capturing film frames individually at regular intervals, stitched in sequence, then played back at normal speed – giving the appearance of time moving faster and thus lapsing. Hyperlapse involves similar basic techniques, but adds movement. Using handheld cameras or gimbals, Soul Arch Media’s head cameraman Dave Emge is able to capture fluid, moving transitions in time.

A professional cameraman of nearing two decades, Dave has a passion for capturing lapse content, and between commissions regularly shoots nightscapes, cityscapes, sunsets, and moonrises for the sheer love of it. Based on the Gold Coast, but available to travel on request, Dave and the team at Soul Arch Media can help plan, film and edit content to suit your specific needs.


Have a project that could benefit from the addition of timelapse or hyperlapse videography? Contact Soul Arch Media for rates and availability.