Course and Training Video Production

Looking for Gold Coast video production assistance to bring your course or training video content to fruition? Soul Arch Media regularly creates course and training content for some of the country’s biggest brands.

Because people generally more readily absorb and retain information shared by video over written material, filming step by step training content helps businesses and thought leaders successfully communicate & share learning materials. Not to mention in the era of group gathering restrictions, online trainings offer a flexible, fail-safe alternative to ensure course and training delivery.


With over 15 years filming and editing course and training videos for a wide range of industries, we can film any style or length of content including:


+ Course & training video production

Let us help you turn in-person teachings or written course materials into video courses with easy to follow and understand module structures

+ Deliver staff safety material as a video training course

Make sure your staff have access to current best practices with easily-updated online video training modules

+ Build product feature awareness with video product tutorials

Like having a live product demo to showcase the uses, benefits and care instructions for your product on demand 24/7

+ Offer 24/7 training modules

Allow students to self pace their studies, and review/refresh anytime as needed

+ Boost staff productivity through product and sales video training

Use video content for internal product update communications and scalable, accessible staff training

+ Covid-19 restriction safe way to upskill staff or educate students

online video courses allow a cost effective, fail-safe alternative to the current challenges of scheduling in-person training, workshops and events


At Soul Arch Media we can handle all aspects of capturing your course or training content for you:

+ Help develop content concepts and plans

+ Organise and schedule filming sessions

+ Film in any location, from busy office to outdoor settings

+ Edit content into multiple formats

+ Assist with video course delivery options


Contact us for a custom quote.