Business Client Testimonial Video Production

Looking to film business client testimonial videos on the Gold Coast? When it comes to establishing credibility and building customer ‘know, like, and trust’, testimonial videos are incredibly effective.

Harness the power of positive customer feedback to:


+ Build customer confidence

+ Showcase product benefits

+ Address common sales objections

+ Highlight service features

+ Position your team as the experts


With over 15 years filming and editing testimonial videos for a wide range of industries, Soul Arch Media can film any style of testimonial – from ‘mini doco’ testimonials highlighting your customer’s backstory or buyer’s journey, right through to short and sharp single scene videos.


Relax as we handle all aspects of capturing your testimonials for you. We can:

+ Organise and schedule client/customer filming sessions, including appointment setting and reminders

+ Film in any location, from busy office to outdoor locations

+ Edit content into multiple formats


Contact us for a custom quote.