Terms and Conditions

Bookings and Cancellations

Booking deposits are refundable if cancellation is notified within 48 hours of filming session commencement. For client convenience, wet or inclement weather rescheduling does not incur a rebooking fee if notified production is postponed before staff travel/setup has occurred. For all other cancellations outside these parameters, Soul Arch Media retains the right to retain deposits for forfeited bookings.

Project Scope

As a customer, you agree to cooperate with Soul Arch Media’s staff to keep the production within the agreed scope and size outlined in your quote. Any additional addons or extras, ordered after project quoting or approval, will be invoiced at standard hourly rates. Soul Arch Media will always ask for confirmation of approval before scheduling any extra work that exceeds the project described in your quote, and as a customer you agree to keep the project within outlined scope.


Upon completion, you will obtain the right to use your video content online and offline. Unless otherwise specified, the creative copyright of the produced video content remains property of Soul Arch Media, and a user licence without any restrictions is granted to you as a customer.
If any graphics, logos or audiovisual materials are supplied or delivered from your end, it is your duty to verify if you own the right to reproduce this and to verify whether any of the materials are copyright protected.

Talent Releases

As a customer you agree to verify whether anyone involved in the filming as a subject, interviewee, or actor, has agreed to be displayed in your video and/or content and has signed his or her approval/talent release in agreement with your organisation.

Personal Accident & Liability

Soul Arch Media has general and product liability insurance compliant with most state bodies and councils, with certificates available on request. Whilst all due care will be taken, any directions issued to client(s), their guests or employees during a film shoot are deemed to be at said persons own risk. The camera operator, Soul Arch Media cannot be held responsible for any personal accidents during film shoots or events.


We thank you for your patronage.