Don’t panic, pivot: announcements + ways video can help businesses affected by COVID-19

Don’t panic, pivot: announcements + ways video can help businesses affected by COVID-19

Strange times indeed. With COVID-19 raising safety concerns and shutting down workplaces and events across the world, we’ve had a massive surge of booking changes and enquiries. If you’re one of the many local businesses left reeling from current challenges, here’s a few ways the team at Soul Arch Media are here to help your business transition + ideas to keep afloat during the stormy weeks ahead:

+ If you’ve booked filming services for an upcoming event, function or TVC, don’t worry. We never charge cancellation or rescheduling fees if notified within 48hrs of filming, but in light of recent events we’ve lowered that timeframe even further to anytime before crew travel has occurred. We’re here to roll with the punches, so just let us know if there’s been a last minute schedule change, and notify us of any rescheduled dates when you’re ready.

+ Filmed content with us recently that you need to tweak slightly or alter the CTA or safety messaging now that circumstances have changed overnight? We’re offering FREE basic re-edits to all our clients who have filmed content with us in the past 12 months.

+ Sitting on content filmed during last year’s events or campaigns that you’re wondering if you can edit into new courses or training or promos now that your company’s training, marketing or events are on hold? Call us for ideas on how to repurpose existing video content to best help your business glide through coming months.

And while unfortunately we can’t put your workplace safety measures in place on your behalf or magically reset 2020 for you, here’s a few loose thoughts and ideas for clients in various industries that might help mitigate financial fallout or help you pivot your business by adding a new revenue stream altogether through video:

+ Events and conferences: if cancellation looks immanent and rescheduling isn’t a possibility, explores ways to film content to offer ticket holders/attendees instead. Most people will understand the current circumstances are unprecedented, and will opt for digital delivery over a refund.

+ Corporate business and franchises: increase communications by using video to make statements or to give employees encouragement and clear direction, or send safety messages to your customers. As employees increasingly work from home or reduce hours, use the opportunity to up skill staff with online training videos and modules to streamline procedures while minimising in person interactions.

+ Physical products/market stall holders: look for online sales avenues, and drive customers to these new channels by creating videos for products to showcase features without requiring face to face transactions.

+ Tours, museums and attractions: film walk-throughs or offer virtual tours to replace physical attendance. Sell digital tickets, or offer content for free to drive people to your online gift shop. Content can later be repurposed for marketing use, or used as a digital product available year round.

+ Restaurants, cafés and other hospitality: switching to home delivery, showcase your products in social ads to get people ordering. Or think outside the box – could you offer paid online classes to show customers how to make their favourite dishes or recipes from your establishment in the comfort of their home? Are there other unique online experiences you can offer?

+ Workshop or classes: explore ways to turn existing in-person lessons into video experiences or online modules/courses. Remember training videos and learning courses can be evergreen, and create a new way to bring onboard new clients moving forward too.

+ Hotels and tourist attractions: it’s hard when there’s empty beds to justify any spending, but if you can try to use this period to revamp marketing content. Eventually bans will be lifted and people will be ready to travel again, but there’s going to be caution – use video to reach people, especially those eager to ‘holiday at home’.

+ Businesses with severe visitor restrictions in place: use video to update, inform, and connect your teams and clients. Well thought out and timely communication is the best tool to showcase the ways you’re putting safety and health first, and curtail confusion in times of uncertainty.

+ Remember – don’t panic, just pivot. A lot of industries are really struggling right now, and the challenges are undeniable. However people are not necessarily buying less, they are just buying differently – just take a look at supermarket toilet roll aisles to see this in action! If you can, shift your messaging to let customers know the ways you’re able to help them, and show them why now more than ever they need your product or service. Look for ways to pivot your business to meet demand. Are there ways you can safely supply your business, product, or service to the customer if they can no longer come to you?

Hope this helps!

Need help with anything video related, or even just a little help brainstorming ideas to help your business transition through recent challenges? We’re all ears, and have virtual hugs waiting for you through social-distancing-appropriate phone or Zoom calls. Comment below, or book a time to chat with the Soul Arch Media team via this link (choose strategy session).


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