7 Effective Ways To Use Video On Your Business Website

7 Ways To Use Video On Your Website

7 Effective Ways To Use Video On Your Business Website

The ever-growing importance of video in online marketing efforts can’t be understated – consumers are watching more and reading less. They want stories told quickly rather than having to take the time to read and understand what can essentially be absorbed by simply watching a few minutes of video. Plus you’ve likely heard the stats on increased visitor retention + sales conversions on pages that include video, and want the same results for your website.

+ Video on store listings lift conversion rates by 20% or more, while video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.

+ Users spend 88% more time on a website with video.

+ Having a video on a landing page makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of the SERP.

+ Blog posts incorporating video attract 3x as many inbound links as blog posts without video.

Yet with so many types of video currently out there, how do you determine which forms of video content are best for your business website? Here are seven well-tested types of engaging website video content that consistently yield results across all industry types.

1. Hello Via Video: The Company Overview

Arguably the reason to have video on your website, especially on your home page, is to instantly tell your story, reveal personality, visually engage visitors, and, if applicable, put a face to your business name. It’s a lot easier and more enjoyable for audiences to get to know the essence behind the brand when they can see and hear it, as opposed to just reading an introductory statement that may or may not have been written by anyone in-house.

A landing page video is a fantastic way to give a brief, engaging and entertaining overview of yourself, your company, your history, what you do, and more importantly what you hope to do for others, making it a near-must for any website.

2. How To’s and Educational Videos

Providing website visitors with industry-relevant educational or self-help tutorial videos is a great way to connect potential clients with any answers they’re seeking, while also getting them familiar with your products and/or service. If done well, these type of videos immediately signal that you have the best interests of your customers in mind and can build immeasurable trust and rapport with your audience. You are going out of your way to provide tutorials make people’s life easier, or better themselves and their endeavours. At the very most, you’re making a difference. At the very least, you’re demonstrating your knowledge of a product and/or a process.

3. Customer Testimonial Videos

What better way to state your credentials than showing the runs on the boards you’ve already got? Simply telling potential clients what you’ve achieved can only go so far – what people really respond to are third-party endorsements. A video compilation of glowing reviews of your business from previous and/or current clients is an almost surefire way to bring in future ones. There’s nothing more compelling for website visitors than evidence your product or service works (and could potentially benefit them, too).

4. Video Tour

Show visitors around the office. Give them a video tour of your workspace, team, environment, culture– all the little individual factors that add up to make your business unique, successful, and yours. Show them what working there is like, or what makes working with you enjoyable. Present your business in the best possible light. If you don’t work in an office or would prefer not to reveal where and how you work, the next best option is filming the next option below:

5. Work Showcase

Simple but very effective. This type of video showcases the best of your work. Presenting your portfolio or body of work in a dynamic, visual sense instantly catches the eye of the audience and shows them the type of service you can provide for their own needs. It’s recommended that you don’t show off and cram every project you’ve ever worked on into a two minute reel though. Rather, use the platform as a way to provide a brief, succinct snapshot of what you’re capable of.

6. Guest Interview Tips Series

Similar to the customer testimonials in featuring third party people, but differing in that while the endorsements are about your business, guest interviews can be about anything of relevance to your business. You could be interviewing an industry expert about changes in the marketplace, current trends in the field, their own experiences working in the trade, etc. Obviously you want to speak to people whose interests align with subject matter that appeals to your clients, but you’ll soon find that there’s no shortage of topics to discuss once you begin interviewing a wider range of people across your industry, not to mention your audience will appreciate the variety of guest viewpoints.

7. Video News Updates

Regular video installments are a great way to have visitors return to your site as well as keeping them up to date with what you’re doing. A bit like an Instagram story or a video newsletter, these updates don’t have to be particularly long, just concise and enthusiastic about products you’ll be releasing or work you’ve done that you’d like people to know about. If you have a project on the horizon that you think visitors would look forward to, a video news update is a great way to first announce the project and then continue revealing further details with each edition – think product launches, seasonal specials, new innovations and other announcements.


We hope these 7 ideas spark lots of ideas for website video content suited to your particular business. As an added bonus, if you have multiple videos in a given tutorial series, visitors are more likely to return to your site for longer periods of time to watch them, thus not only increasing traffic but indicating to search engines that you have good content, which will over time bump up your search ranking and visibility too… Even more incentive to start rolling out a video strategy for your website sooner rather than later!


Need help putting together video content for your website? Message our friendly Gold Coast video production team to get your next video project underway.

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