How to use online video to promote your small business

How to use online video to promote your small business

While you might have read a lot about how online video has exploded this past year, you might not have realised that all businesses, large and small, can afford to use web video as a marketing medium. Video can help you promote your business by connecting with viewers, letting them engage with your brand, your product and your staff.

Of course here at Soul Arch Media & Marking we are pretty biased towards web video – we run our own Gold Coast video production agency – but we truly feel that online video is a tool everybody can use regardless of budget. If you do not have much in the way of marketing dollars at your disposal, you do not need to hire a firm like us – you can film your own clips on a handheld camera, piece video together from stock footage, or find a freelance cameraman who will shoot and edit the job for you on the cheap.

Not sure how a promotional web video could help your business? There is virtually no limit to the type of businesses that can benefit from creating an online video commercial to showcase themselves by:

  • Showing customers how your products work
  • Introducing yourself or your staff
  • Adding video customer testimonials
  • Providing customers tips or advice
  • Not sure how this would apply to your field of expertise? Well, if you provide a service or run a consultancy, you could use video to introduce yourself or your staff, or even use video to network and make connections. If you are a manufacturer, you could start by filming how your product is made to highlight your product selling points like quality, integrity or design.  Need more specific ideas? Try:

    Travel Agent/ Holiday Properties/ Real Estate: a video tour of your property/accommodations and a showcase of local scenery or attractions could help persuade customers who are researching online – a video is way more engaging than static photos! Real estate property videos can also be sent via mobile phone to prospective clients who are enquiring about homes that are not available for viewing/far away.

    Lawyer/ Accountant/ Consultant: introduce yourself, or add video of clients explaining how you solved a problem for them. Customers are looking for a specialist they can trust, so video can help you enage with clients and encourage them to contact you.

    Fashion designer/ Accessories or Shoe Manufacturer: showcase your latest creations while building brand romance by taking customers on a journey from product design and fabric/materials sourcing right through the production process and delivery to the catwalk/retail.

    Restaurant/ Cafe:take customers behind the scenes in the kitchen, or put your own spin on a popular cooking show (ala Jamie Oliver). To highlight quality, take viewers shopping for produce to show them how you source the best ingredients.

    Car sales/ motorbike sales: take customers on a video test drive, or mimick popular motoring programs like Top Gear to give viewers a laugh while they learn about the models you sell!

    Do you have a business you would like to promote with video, but not sure where to start? Simply post qustions here or ask us for ideas, we would be glad to help point you in the right direction! Call Soul Arch Media on + 61 7 55358812

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