Adding Video and Multimedia Content to Your LinkedIn Profile

Adding Video and Multimedia Content to Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re rarely on LinkedIn it would have been fairly easy to overlook the sweeping changes brought in at the start of the year that did away with third party apps like and Slideshare that used to allow you to add video to your LinkedIn work portfolio. Instead, LinkedIn has added the much-needed functionality to the site to allow users to easily add video, slideshow presentations and photos without having to search for apps, which is nice! But they sure don’t make it easy for people to work out how to do it — you’ll be lucky to find any straight forward ‘how to’ information on how to enhance profiles with these new features anywhere on LinkedIn. Good news? It’s easy once you know how.

Since we’ve had several of our video production customers call us lately to work out LinkedIn’s semi-new features, we thought it would be helpful to list the simple steps for adding video/multimedia below.

Step 1:
Go to your LinkedIn Profile. Hover over ‘Profile’ on the top navigation bar until the ‘Edit Profile’ option drops down, and click on it.

Step 2:
Each section of your profile allows for the addition of files — simply look for the rectangle icon with a little plus sign. Click on it and you’ll be given the option to add media already online via a link ( eg video via a Youtube link) or upload the file from your computer.

Step 3:
If you select the Add Link option, just cut and paste the direct link to the desired media. Once it processes the file’s existing title and description will be imported as well, but you’ll be given the opportunity to rename the video/media and add a new description if you wish.

Alternatively if you chose to upload, a pop up window will allow you to access existing files on your computer.
At the moment there doesn’t seem to be much of a limit to what you can add to your professional gallery to enhance it– your company’s profile video on YouTube or Vimeo, that nifty presentation you did for work on Slideshare, an industry report you compiled in Google Docs. Just note that as LinkedIn’s mainly a business networking tool, you may want to skip the holiday snaps of you dancing on the bartop and stick with adding more professional looking content. Also, as you upload content all your contacts can see the new files in their activity feed, so if you’re adding a gazillion pics and videos all at once you may flood their feed temporarily — if this worries you at all perhaps stagger out your uploads.

Any troubles or other uses for online video you’d like us to help with? Let us know in the comments below. If you need help creating video, for production call 0755595551

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