How To Create Videos That Align With Every Stage of the Customer Sales Journey

How TO Create Video For Each Sales Stage

How To Create Videos That Align With Every Stage of the Customer Sales Journey

A successful sales process hinges on two things: establishing credibility and building trust. Once these are in place sales should follow, but you need to be in sync with your client through the various stages of the buying cycle, from initial awareness through to post-sale. This is where video can be invaluable – you need to align videos to each customer sales stage. In the online era, did you know an estimated 70% of purchasing decisions are made before your lead even contacts you? That’s why mapping videos to guide your customers along their sales journey can pay big dividends in both greater revenue and happier clients.

Breaking the sales cycle into three broad steps – Awareness, Consideration, and Purchase– we’ll outline the types of videos best suited to each stage.


In this early stage of the buying cycle, customers have just realized they need your kind of product or service, or are yet to discover your brand. Some types of videos suited are:
• Ads: Regular, short overview commercials for social media or paid advertising placements to gain initial awareness
• How-Tos: Videos that solve common customer issues or offer helpful tips. For example if you sold hair clippers, you could create a video series on how to operate the product, how to shave a beard, or how to cut sideburns.
• Thought Leadership videos: Film content from knowledgeable staff to help position your brand favourably by delivering helpful information – for example capture one-on-one interviews with your company’s CEO or other experts on topics relevant to your clients.
• Company Brand Story videos: Show off your brand story or company culture by showcasing your company and why you do what you do.
Tip: To get leads to move from awareness to the sales consideration phase, be sure to finish videos with calls to action. Prompt viewers to watch another video, sign up to your newsletter, or guide them to your website.


Reach out to customers while they’re researching your product or service by giving them more specific information. At the consideration phase your videos should aim to educate, as your leads are looking for solutions to specific needs or are comparing product options.
Some videos types best suited are:
• Product Demo Videos: showcase your product or service in use, outlining all the features in terms of how they’ll benefit your clients, and demonstrate what using your product would be like
• Client Testimonials: nothing sells like the kind words of others
• Video Case Studies: detail how your product or service has been successful for other people

Purchase & Post Sale:

Unlike the earlier phases, at this end of the sales funnel leads need one thing: answers to whatever is holding them back. Here’s some video ideas to help turn leads into clients, and retain them post-sale.

• FAQ Videos: outline answers to some of your most frequently asked questions
• How To Purchase Videos: explain steps to ordering online, covering topics like payment methods, order forms or shipping details
• Deals Videos: Highlight a sales campaign or special offer
• Post Sale Videos: Step-by-step instructions on how to use your product, or troubleshooting videos for any hiccups clients often have. Or outline steps customers should take to get the most out of their purchase – eg if you’re a hotel, cover things guests can see or do in the area. These kinds of videos not only reduce support queries, but can also increase customer satisfaction dramatically.

Some suggestions obviously suit more than one phase of the sales cycle, but we hope this will prompt ideas to better align videos to customer sales stages.
How to map your business videos to every stage of the customer sales cycle

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How To Create Videos That Align With Every Stage of Your Customer Sales Journey

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