Dave and the Giant $50,000 Coin

Dave and the Giant $50,000 Coin

Dave and the Giant Coin
Every day is different at Soul Arch Media, but a recent video shoot for the RSL Art Union threw our cameraman Dave into completely new territory. Here’s a shot of him holding a coin worth $50,000 while filming the $1.4 million dollar gold loot up for grabs in the latest RSL Art Union lottery. Unfortunately the Treasury wouldn’t let Dave keep it as a memento, in fact it looked like they put extra security on – probably figured it was ten times Dave’s annual wage as a cameraman and didn’t want to risk him going all Gollum on them. Preciousss!
Jokes aside, who wouldn’t like to win this pile of awesomeness?

Gollum's Gold

There’s actually a choice of a beautiful waterfront $1.4 million Broadbeach Waters home or the $1.4 million in cashable gold – see the video Soul Arch Media created to showcase this prize pool. Tickets are just $5 and go towards raising funds for this very worthy organization – grab tickets here: www.rslartunion.com.au

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