Holiday Videos Help Vacationers Connect With Private Accomodation Rental Options

Holiday Videos Help Vacationers Connect With Private Accomodation Rental Options

When we traveled around France and Spain a couple of years back while our eldest son was a toddler, we rented fully self-contained apartments at different legs of the journey. They were so much more comfortable than a hotel room, plus ample room to play and cooking facilities. One place we stayed at in Barcelona stands out as it even had kids toys and high chairs and all the kinds of things we weren’t able to lug over with us on the airplane, but wished we could. I’d found the place online, but nearly hadn’t booked it after I saw a reviews that said it wasn’t that great for kids. It was only after I’d stumbled back on the listing again on another site, this time with a video, which stated it was kid friendly and I could see the kid’s gear stacked up in a corner of a shot that I bothered making an enquiry.

What if I hadn’t found that video? We would have missed out on one of our favorite holiday locations, and they would have missed out on a booking. That’s why holiday property videos are so good if they’re added to a holiday property listing – apart from the fact that if they’re distributed widely online they can help you find a property in the first place, once you view it you’re way more clued up on what the property looks like, the area where it’s located, and what the property’s major features are, giving you confidence to book online.

Take for instance these two holiday property video created for two private Gold Coast holiday rentals – one a Surfer’s Paradise holiday unit, the other a family-sized Burleigh Heads holiday house. These properties both have lots to offer – more than what we were able to fit into these two-three minute holiday videos- but at least people looking for a private holiday rental online could book these properties with confidence after viewing each video. It’s the closest things to having a personal tour!  So if you’re looking to book holiday accommodation online, seek out properties that have video profiles – Google or Youtube are both great starting places for this – and you might just discover your ultimate holiday home away from home.

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