How to Add Video To Your Tripadvisor Listing

How to Add Video To Your Tripadvisor Listing

Trip Advisor is the world’s largest travel site, but is also frequently used by locals thanks to the popularity of it’s customer review features. The site operates in 42 countries worldwide, and has over 4 million businesses and properties listed. If you’re a restaurant, hotel, or tourism related business, you’ll already be aware of just how popular this platform is – and how important it is to have a well-maintained listing. But did you realise you can add your business videos to your listings too?

TripAdvisor contains a lot of innovative features, such allowing direct video uploads to your business listing page. To do this, follow the step by step instructions in the video we’ve put together below.

How to Add Video To Your Tripadvisor Listing:

Step 1: Once you have logged into your TripAdvisor account, there are tabs along the top of your page. Click your screen name, then the ‘Your Business’ tab.

Step 2: Click Manage your Trip Advisor page

Step 3: Click Add/Update videos

Step 4: Add a title and description for your video. It is important to read the title, description and video requirements on TripAdvisor’s website, but here are a few main points to remember:

▪ Video should be in one of the following formats: MPEG4, AVI, Quicktime, Windows Media or FLV.

▪ Max file size: 100 MB (uploading will take at least 1 minute per MB, so smaller files are preferable)

▪ Max length: 10 minutes – although TripAdvisor recommends 90seconds-2minutes max for the most views.

Step 5: Click the yes if the page has displayed the correct business that the video is about

Step 6: Click ‘Choose File’ – this lets you browse to the location where your video is saved on your computer. Select the video file and click choose

Step 7: Tick the box to agree to the copyright disclaimer, then click ‘Upload my video’!

We hope this instructional video was useful in helping you upload your promotional video to TripAdvisor. This instructional video series was filmed and edited by Soul Arch Media’s Gold Coast Video Production team. Call Soul Arch Media today on 07 55595551 or visit


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