How To Add Your Company Video To Online Business Directory Listings

How To Add Your Company Video To Online Business Directory Listings

How To Add Your Company Video To Online Business Directory Listings

Online directories are a great way to spread the word and increase your exposure across the web. There are loads of different online directory sites that can be really helpful in promoting your business, however in Australia Yellow Pages and True Local are the leaders in this field.

Yellow Pages has 107 million visits each year, and True Local is close behind with over 103 million searches each year.

Both sites offer a free listing whereby your basic contact details including your website are listed. Most users will then click or continue through to your website to get more information, where they can also engage with your videos.

On Yellow Pages and True Local, premium paid advertising packages let you upload video direct to your company profile.

These packages will help you receive top level engagement with their users, however for a much smaller fee you can add links to your social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter, whereby users can easily visit those networks and see your regular updates and videos.

With some of the other free online directories such as AussieWeb and StartLocal, at the time of writing you can actually embed your Youtube or Vimeo videos on a free business listing. The instructional video below demonstrates how to do this with StartLocal, which is one of Australia’s fastest growing online business directories.

Here’s how to add your Company Video to Online Business Directory Listings:

Step 1: Once you have logged in to StartLocal, click on your user portal, and then click ‘Modify Your Listings’, OR if you need to create a new listing, click ‘Add a New Listing’

Step 2: Scroll down through all of the business details that you can add, until you find the heading ‘Videos’. StartLocal allows embedded videos from Youtube, so all you need to do is copy and paste the link of the
video you would like into the box.

Step 3: Click the ‘Add’ icon to add up to three videos

Step 4: If you are creating a new page, your listing will take 1-2 days to be approved by the Start Local team. Once your listing is made public, your fully integrated Youtube video will appear on your page. Viola!

This instructional video series was filmed and edited by Soul Arch Media’s Gold Coast Video Production team. Call Soul Arch Media today on 07 55595551 or visit


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