How To Permanently Add Video To Your Facebook Business or Fan Page

How To Permanently Add Video To Your Facebook Business or Fan Page

How To Permanently Add Video To Your Facebook Business or Fan Page

Adding video to your Facebook Business or ‘Fan’ Page to show up in your status or news updates is very straight forward (Simply paste the video’s URL in the page’s status box, or to upload select the ‘Photo/ Video’ option and follow the prompts).

But what if you’d like to display a video that stays visible long-term, and doesn’t get lost or buried after a few new posts?

With Facebook’s new “Timeline” format options aren’t as plentiful as they used to be, but you can still display videos on a custom page through the use of a few helpful apps described below.


Adding the Youtube For Pages App

If you’ve got several videos already loaded onto Youtube that you’d like to display on your Facebook page, the app ‘Youtube For Pages’ can help you display all the videos on your Youtube channel. If you choose, it can also automatically update the page with any new videos you add to your Youtube channel.

*Go to your Facebook page. You’ll see the tabs section on your top right hand side – there’s an arrow you can click on to show all the tabs you currently have in use.

* Find a blank tab- you can click on the ‘Plus’ box in the top right corner.

You’ll see a drop down that says ‘Add to favorites’ and the choice of available tabs, such as Videos, Notes or Groups.

*To add a Youtube tab, select the ‘Find More Apps’ option at the bottom.

A page will open up with popular apps. From the menu on the left hand side under web apps click on ‘Photos and Video’ and scroll down to find the ‘Youtube For Pages’ app, or simply type ‘Youtube For Pages’ in the search bar across the top of the page and select it. Once you’ve clicked on the app icon, you’ll see a new window – select “I want to Install Youtube”

*You’ll be asked to add Youtube for Pages, and a drop down menu of the pages you’re an admin for will be displayed. Select the page you’d like to add the Youtube App to, and then confirm the page when prompted by selecting ‘Add Youtube for Pages’.

*On the next page, confirm again by selecting ‘Go To App’ – you can skip the next lot of permissions if you choose.

*Once the app has been installed, go back to your page and click on the Youtube icon on the Page Apps (top right corner). You’ll then see a page that gives you an option to ‘click here to configure this tab’. Go on to configure the tab.

*Add your company name and contact phone number, plus a tick box to accept the terms of service.

* Fill in just the name of a YouTube user or channel (i,e, from “” use only “involverchannel”.

*Select ‘Import Uploads’ or if you’d prefer not to add all the videos on the channel, you can choose ‘Import Favourites’ (simply go back over to Youtube and make sure the videos you’d like to import are in your favourites list, and delete any favourites you don’t want shown.)

*There’s also the option to select which video is the featured video, although in the free version of the app it’s limited to the first or last video in your favourites list. If you’d like any new videos you add to this favourites list to be syndicated here as well, tick the yes option under “Syndication & Accessibility’. Free account updates occur once per day.


Other Video App Options

There’s also the regular Youtube or Youtube Box apps, and even apps for other services like Ustream and other video sharing services. You can find them by searching for apps as described above.

Once you’ve selected the app you’d like to add, if you are using Facebook as your business page you may be directed to use Facebook as your personal profile. Don’t worry, you’ll get an opportunity to select your page later, so select “Continue as…[personal name]” option.

The App page will open- look for the ‘manage page’ option at the top right of page. If you don’t see an option to add videos, up in the top right corner look for an icon that looks like a queen and spade. Hover over this icon and you’ll see a drop down menu that lists the option to ‘Edit Applications’. Click on it and all your Apps will pop up – select the “Edit’ option on the Video App you have selected.


Uploading Videos Directly To Your Facebook Page Tab

If you don’t already have your videos on a service like Youtube or would prefer to upload directly, you’re also in luck.

*Select ‘Videos’. A tab will then show up with a film strip icon with ‘Videos’ written underneath.  Click on it and you’ll see a pencil icon in the top right corner – click on this if you’d like the tab to swap places with other more prominent tabs.

*To add videos, click on the movie strip icon. A blank page will show up with a ‘+Add Videos’ button in the top right corner – click on it.

The page will then give you an option to upload a video file, or record video.  Click on ‘choose file’ to locate video on your computer.

NB> Videos need to be under 1.024 MB and under 20 minutes in length.


As with anything on the ever-changing world Facebook, these steps outlined above were current at the time of writing but are subject to change – let us know if you come across any updates or changes we should add!


  • Katie Ellen James Moloney
    Posted at 19:31h, 04 March Reply

    Thank you for this information, but is it not possible to permanently upload a video to a personal Facebook?

    Thank you…

    • Carolyn Ridings Emge
      Posted at 22:44h, 03 June Reply

      You can, but it’ll get lost in the feed quite quickly, buried by newer content. Haven’t come across a way for it to stay in a prominent position on a personal page yet (haven’t needed to!) but there’s probably some way to do it

  • Inge
    Posted at 02:35h, 16 June Reply

    thank you so much for this, it was easy to follow the step by step instructions, I really appreciate this, as I am not a computer wiz. The only problem I have is that in my video tab on my business page there is the big read YouTube arrow with YouTube written on it, instead of my picture that is in the video. Can you please help?

    Thanks again, much appreciated.

    • Carolyn Ridings Emge
      Posted at 20:56h, 09 July Reply

      Heard a while back there was a way to change the image in the video tag with a thumbnail, but it’s been a while and there’s been several Facebook overhauls since then so not sure if that’s still the case – best to Google it for more up-to-date info

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