How To Put Together A Video Production Brief

How To Put Together A Video Brief

How To Put Together A Video Production Brief

So you’ve looked into filming a video and have been asked for a brief, but don’t know where to start?

Even if you’re hoping to handle all aspects of putting together a video yourself, a brief is like a blueprint to help guide you and keep you on track. But if you’re engaging a production company, a brief is absolutely essential for communicating your ideas and vision for your video to the people who will be bringing it to life – aka the production team filming and editing it.

A brief is basically a set of directions on a written document to help explain what kind of video you’re hoping to achieve. So what do you need to include in your brief? Here’s six key elements to include:

1. Who, What, Where
Who is the target market you’re trying to reach with your video, what do you want your video to achieve, and where is it going to be viewed (for example, will it be seen as an online ad, at a trade show, or on your website etc?).

2. Style
Are you after something sweepingly cinematic or sharp and corporate looking? Slick and polished, or a fast choppy ‘reality tv’ style of filming and editing? It’s often hard to articulate in terms of video style, but if you can provide as much detail as possible (along with links to other productions you like) you’ll help emphasize the style you’re after more clearly – making it more likely you’ll end up with the finished product you’d envisioned.

3. Content

Do you have a script, or story ideas you’d like included? Existing footage? A staff member or CEO you’d like to star in your video, or customers you’d like to film testimonials from? Would you like an actor presenting you video, or would you prefer a voice over? Be sure to outline anything you’ve already established you’d like to include in your video’s content. And if you’re unsure, be sure to ask your production team for suggestions – after all, it’s what they’re good at.

4. Details, Details

Does your video require editing to a specific length or time limit? Any colour or font prefernces for titles and credits? What style of music would you like for backing audio? Be sure to supply any details you can in terms of video requirements or company branding that can help guide post production.

5. Budget

If you’ve got a fixed budget for the project, be sure to outline this at the outset. Often production companies can make suggestions to help you get the best results while working within any budget constraints.

6. When Do You Need It By?

If you need the video for a fixed date event or launch, be sure to establish that your production team has capacity to deliver it on time before you start. Even if you don’t have a specific deadline, it’s best to outline an estimated date to receive all deliverables to keep both parties on track.

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A video production brief is absolutely essential for communicating your ideas and vision for your video to the people who will be bringing it to life – aka the production team. Here's a step by step to get you on your way!

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