How to Share or Upload Video On Google Plus (G+)

How to Share or Upload Video On Google+

How to Share or Upload Video On Google Plus (G+)

Google Plus has around 2.2 billion profiles online, with nearly 300 million monthly active users who spend an average of 7 minutes per month on the network.

The large number of users on Google Plus comes from the intense embedment between Youtube and Google, as Youtube users must have a Google account to register. This is an advantage, as the log in is automatic from one network to the other, and it is easy to share videos from Youtube to your Google Plus profile. That said, there’s a few ways you can approach this. In the video below, we’ve outlined a few of the most popular ways to share or upload video on Google+.

How to Share or Upload Video On Google+:

Step 1: Log in to your Google Plus account

Step 2: Under the ‘Share What’s New’ box, click the video tab

Step 3: An ‘Add video’ box will appear with multiple options depending on how you’d like to share your video and the purpose of the upload

Tab 1 – Youtube videos – this lets you search as you would on Youtube to find the video you are after. You can then select it (which will automatically play a preview of the video) then click ‘Add video’.

Tab 2 – Enter a URL – this option lets you simply copy and paste your Youtube or Vimeo video link. A video player box will appear, click ‘Add video’ to confirm

Tab 3 – Your Youtube Videos – this instantly shows the videos you currently have uploaded onto your Youtube account, so you can just select and click ‘Add video’

Tab 4 – Record video – this option actually lets you record live footage using your computer or device’s in-built camera.

Tab 5 – Upload video – this is the option where you can upload the video straight to your Google Plus profile. Click ‘Choose videos to upload’ to browse to the location where the video your video is saved. Once you commence upload to
the network a preview box will appear, along with a status box showing you it’s progress. Once the upload has completed
click ‘Add video’

Step 4: Once you have selected your video sharing option, you will be directed back to the ‘Share what’s new’ box where
you can now add a description and hashtags for your post

Step 5: You can now decide who will see your post. By default it will be set on public, however you can change this so the video is only seen by certain circles or particular users. This may be useful if the video is
promoting a product specific to certain people and groups, or if the video is to be seen only by those involved in it’s production before launch

Step 6: Click share to post your video as an update.

To view each step, watch the instructional video at the top of this post. We hope this video tutorial was useful in helping you upload your promotional video to Google Plus.

This instructional video series was filmed and edited by Soul Arch Media’s Gold Coast Video Production team. Call Soul Arch Media today on 07 55595551 or visit


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How to upload video to share on Google+

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