How To Upload Video To Youtube (Including Settings To Use For Best Quality Playback)

(Including Settings To Use For Best Quality Playback)

How To Upload Video To Youtube (Including Settings To Use For Best Quality Playback)

Youtube has over one billion users, and is the second most used search engine on the web. That’s right, search engine – people type almost as many queries there as they do Google. With these statistics in mind, Youtube is one of the best places to begin your video promotion. So let’s upload your video >

How To Upload Video To Youtube Step By Step

1. Log into your Youtube account, or create one by following the prompts from the Youtube Homepage.

2. Click the ‘Upload’ button in the upper-right corner of the home page. A Video Upload box will appear. You’ll see a checkbox that says ‘Public’, this is the default setting that means anyone can view your video. Only deselect this if you want to keep your video private.

3. Click ‘Select File To Upload’ to locate your video file. This lets you browse to the location where your video is saved on your computer or mobile device.
For the best results, .mp4 files are the most compatible, but Youtube supports a variety of formats.
Content should be encoded and uploaded in the same frame rate it was recorded. It’s also good to remember YouTube uses 16:9 aspect ratio players, so for best result upload 16:9 video at its original aspect ratio (1280×720 recommended)
If you’re wanting to watch on a large screen, upload at Full HD (1920:1080)

4. Under ‘Basic Info’ enter a Title for your video, as well as a Description, a Video Category, and Tags. Think carefully about the right words to enter here, as this is how people will find your video. Consider including keywords that people would enter when looking for a video like yours – after all, Youtube is the second largest search engine!

5. Click ‘Advanced Settings’ to enter details like the date the video was recorded, language, allow comments, and the location where it was filmed.

Hint: By designating a location, you’ll make your video easier to find for people looking for video content from a specific area or region.

8. Wait until the upload completes, and then Click Publish.

TIP: Once your video is uploaded, you can easily share it with various other platforms. To do this click the share button, and select the other platforms you would like to use. It’s also simple to copy the URL link and paste in with your emails or database send outs. Then you can check back to watch the views of your video rise, as your exposure widens and grows.

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How To Upload Video To Youtube (Including Settings To Use For Best Quality Playback)

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