Making a Gold Coast cause an international story with online video

Making a Gold Coast cause an international story with online video

As part of Soul Arch Media & Marketing’s ongoing commitment to our local Gold Coast community (and not-for-profits from any region) we’ll be donating one marketing project per month to a worthy cause. It may be an online video production or a DVD project or a series of PR news releases, it all depends on the organisation’s needs. Since we’re not millionaires with money to burn, for us actions speak louder than cash donations and we’re happy to give our time.  But the best thing about donating resources? Seeing results firsthand.

A few weeks ago we created a short video for the Save Our Spit campaign, a group dedicated to keeping an area of the Gold Coast called The Spit free from further development that would infringe on public access areas. The group had successfully rallied thousands of supporters to stop a Cruiseship Terminal and a Super Boat marina from being built in an area popular for recreational boating, fishing and surfing. But to go the next step towards having the area gazetted by the local Queensland goverment, increasing support was needed.

We created a short video clip by combining vox pop interviews with people from all walks of life who frequent The Spit, some scenic shots, and some surf footage of 8-times world surfing champion Kelly Slater that Dave had already filmed for The Surfers Network (which they kindly donated to the cause). By formatting the production into a low resolution flash video we were able to place it onto the Save Our Spit site, and also share it with online surf media across the world.

Major Australian surf forecasting site CoastalWatch were given exclusive access to the video a weekend before it was released internationally. This link was insanely popular, creating massive amounts of traffic for the Save Our Spit website and raising awareness to their ongoing campaign in the process. Other surf media soon followed suit. With just one online video and a press release targeted towards appropriate niche media outlets, this small, grassroots Gold Coast campaign gathered international attention, more visitors to their site, and more signatures for their petition. Got to love that! Could a similarly simple video or PR campaign help your business?

Read some of the great Save Our Spit video coverage here:

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