Start Streaming Video for Live Interaction

Start Streaming Video for Live Interaction

Got a live event coming up you’d like to share with the world?

We love DVDs and online video here at Soul Arch Media, but the next wave of multimedia on the Web will be not pre-recorded material but rather live streaming. Our Gold Coast video production team can film your event and have it both live stream over the internet as well as record it for later viewing, and for any  budget level.

There are countless new online streaming services that help us broadcast live on the web all fighting to dominate this space, with many offering the opportunity to stream live content for free, making the barrier to entry extremely low –  if you don’t have a camera or tech expertise all you are paying for is the equipment and cameraman to show up and handle it all for you.

The main benefit over pre-recorded video is the fact it is instant and live, and also  interactive. Many services allows viewers to comment or ask questions in real time via live hat. This brings lots of benefits, especially if you are planning the following:

  • Live product demonstrations
    Streaming live allows you present your products and services while taking questions from viewers. This is great for engaging customers as people can voice any concerns about the product and have them answered on the spot, just like if they were dealing with a salesperson in store.
  • Online training
    That ability to be interactive makes live streaming perfect to provide remote training for most industries. Whether the training is for your staff, or for using your product or selling online workshops, live streaming allows users to both hear and see what you are doing and ask questions as you go along.
  • Events
  • This is the big one. So you want to get married here on the Gold Coast but your family are spread across the world? Just webcast the ceremony for those who can’t make it! Same goes for sporting events right through to funerals – if your audience is not local, why not broadcast it too them online?  Plus you can have the event recorded to Dvd at the same time for later viewings.

Have an event coming up that you would like to share with a wider audience? Call Soul Arch Media on 07 55358812 or 0415310193 or visit to discuss streaming options .

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