Yahoo Vs Google for Australian Small Business Marketing Pie

Yahoo Vs Google for Australian Small Business Marketing Pie

It seems Yahoo is pitting its pay-per-click search advertising to go head-to-head with search leader Google to try and capture a larger slice of Australian small business marketing dollars.

Last month Google announced its own version of the Stimulus Package by offering up to $75 worth of pay-per-click advertising to new customers. Not to be outdone, Yahoo trumped their offer by introducing a scheme they call Big Bang. If you register at the Yahoo site before July 31st they are offering up to three months or $150 worth of pay-per-click advertising to try and encourage SMEs to trial their service.

Seems like a smart move. According to recent data there are over 1.93 million small businesses in Australia, but only around 400,000 of those businesses are currently using search advertising. Given that pay-per-click is a relatively easy and cost-effective way of getting a company name in front of the millions of web users searching online for products every day, now is a really great time to see if this form of marketing can work for you. Sheesh, while they are both giving their services away free why not sign up for both? The cool thing about both offers is they both promise there is no obligation to continue their services once the free trial is over, although you will have to check the fine print. To find out more about the Google free offer, visit the Google Business Stimulus package page here. By the way, if you do find you like the Google Adword service, Soul Arch Media also creates cost-effective small video ads that can be used to compliment you Google Adwords campaign as well as distributed to video sharing sites online to raise your profile.

In the meantime, happy experimenting with search marketing while the tab is still free!

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