Unveiling the Monster Baby Video

Unveiling the Monster Baby Video

How user-friendly is your website? When potential clients stumble across it, can they tell straight away what you do and what you’re about?

It’s always hard to convey a company’s core message without writing half a novel. And even if you do follow the expert’s advice and keep your text short and sweet, and despite what your designer might say, there IS such a thing as not providing enough content to read.

 75% of consumers visit a company’s website to get more information about products, but only 44% find the information they are looking for says a recent study by InQuira.

This isn’t just due to lack of text – badly organised and poorly written text or just plain hard to navigate sites may also be to blame. But whatever the cause, just think of all those wasted sales opportunities. I don’t know about you, but just thinking of all those eager customers seeking information on YOUR product only to come up empty handed makes me a tad queasy.

So many people prefer to research purchases without speaking to salespeople. But how do you satisfy all website enquiries without adding mountains of text that can render a site too complex? The solution: a very organised copywriter and designer, and a few video instructionals embedded into your website. You can have a welcome video that explains who you are and what you do, like a streaming video business card to mesmerise and greet customers. You could have videos showing people how to use your products, or informative videos in the case of a hard-to-explain product. Or you could even use video to drive visitors to your website in the first place, and introduce them to your products and brand identity before they even reach your homepage.

That’s what the attached video is attempting to achieve for small Australian designer toddler label Monster Baby.  Since many mums with toddlers prefer to shop online rather than brave outings with unruly offspring, the brand needed to come up with a web video that could attract the attention of it’s target demographic of mums who are looking for something very different, a little bit punk rock, and definitely off-beat. It’s just getting unleashed on the world today, so the results aren’t back yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

Video could definitely make your website more appealing. But could a video ad work for your brand too? Food to think about.


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