More on web video news..

More on web video news..

I’m not usually one to harp on and on about a subject ( OK, maybe if I’ve had too many glasses of wine..) but despite having just posted on how web video seems flavour of the moment, I just read a great post by Jeff Beringer over at the Next Fifty Years blog. His entry, titled “Placing bets on web-based video”, covered a whole different set of  signs that compelled him to deduce that web video is one of the most promising opportunities in the future of PR and marketing.

His reasoning shortlist? (I’ve condensed it here, but for best effect please go check out his original post at

1.  A new Zogby poll that indicates a full 2/3 of Americans are dissatisfied with current journalism standards, which in turn has persuaded over half of the survey’s respondents to use the internet as their primary news and information source.

2. The big guys are convinced. Disney’s Bob Iger decreed that broadband-enabled Web content represents the future of communication, ultimately replacing television as the prime source of entertainment.

3. Google, again. It just made a move to open its uber-popular YouTube technology to the outside world. Just days ago the video sharing giant announced a new set of developer tools(known as APIs) allowing individuals and organizations to intermix the YouTube experience into their own Web sites and online properties.

4., an online video platform created by News Corp and NBC Universal  launched yesterday. The ad-supported online video network allows consumers towatch more than 250 TV shows or 100 full-length movies in any Web browser, anytime, anywhere.

Add these events all together and it’s clear more people are watching video online, and the companies in the know are doing everything in their power to make it easier for them to do so. What are you doing about promoting your company online? If the answer is nothing much, then maybe it’s time to investigate web video too, huh?


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